How To Pack Your Packable Hat

Here is our simple step-by-step guide to keep your hat in the best condition when packing it away.

Step 1

Before Packing your hat, make sure it's completely dry. if the hat is wet, it may dry while rolled and won't be able to return to its original shape. Fold your packable hat in half lengthwise

Step 2

Once flattened, from one side, gently roll your hat whilst smoothing out the creases.

Step 3

You can roll and pack your hat for up to one day. Whether you're travelling on holiday or to the beach, it should return to its original condition. Although our hats are travel-friendly. we strongly recommend that you don't roll your hat for long periods of time. Do not store your packable hat in plastic bag.

Your Raffia Hat can be rolled too, but when storing away make sure to lay it upside down on its crown. Avoid hanging it on a wall hook as this might affect the shape of the brim.