Storing your hat

Remember not to fold or roll your hat as this will damage its shape. We strongly recommend you store your hat on a shelf, in a box or hang it on the wall (which makes for some beautiful wall art).

Never store your hat on its brim. Remember to flip it upside down and set it on the crown, so that the brim doesn’t flatten out due to pressure. Storing your hat in a hat box will help keep it clean and looking new. Remember to store the box in a cool dry place. 

Refrain from storing your hat in your car - the heat will cause it to shrink and lose its shape.

You can use an iron on a low heat to repair damage to your straw hat. While keeping the iron constantly moving, use your fingers to massage the straw back to its original flat shape. Make sure to not use the iron on high heat, as it will burn the straw.

Cleaning your hat

Dust your straw hat with a soft bristled brush to keep it clean. If your hat gets dirty or stained, use a baby wipe or slightly damp cloth. For stronger stains, take your hat to a local hat repair shop to professionally clean it.

Avoid getting your hat wet. This will cause the straw to swell and lose its shape.

Travelling with your hat

It's important to pack your hat carefully in your suitcase so you don't crush it. Simply fill the hat with soft clothing such as t-shirts and undergarments to give it extra support. Then carefully lay the hat flat in your suitcase and pack your clothes over the brim, making sure nothing is on the top of the crown.