Avenue At Home Series | Alexa & Summer

For our 'Avenue At Home' series we caught up with jewellery, artwork & graphic designers & sisters, Summer & Alexa.
Summer & Alexa share with us their inspirations, current collection and what we can expect in the coming months!
Q: What inspired you to start YORE studio?
Summer & Alexa: YORE studio was originally an online store we created to sell one off vintage pieces including clothing, jewellery and homewares.
We ventured into art and graphic design. Handmade jewellery came about recently.
Q: Can you tell us about your current collection? What inspires your designs?
Summer & AlexaOur Olio Sculpture Rings are sculptured uniquely and purposefully from clay.
They feature a mosaic olio design made of shells which makes them all unique. The rings are inspired by architectural shape and form.
Q: What piece is your favourite and why?
Summer & Alexa: My (Summer) favourite is Olio in white and Alexa’s is Olio in brown. 
Q: What can we expect from YORE studio's in the coming months?
Summer & Alexa: We have a new exciting print collection coming soon that we have been working on for a while now. We also have plans for new homeware pieces and shoes.
Summer wears the Isadora Maxi Dress; Alexa wears the Ursula Halter Dress.
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