Here at Avenue, we see sustainability as the standard, not a luxury or unique point of difference. Our goal is to offer considered, versatile designs at accessible prices. Our design ethos centres on a fusion of always-effortless silhouettes, created with an ethical and sustainable approach.




Each collection is consciously considered, with the design process beginning with a measured evaluation of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each and every garment, in every collection. But we know talk is cheap, so here’s how we aim to practice what we preach.




A mantra of ‘less is more’ is evident from the onset. We use natural and the highest quality fabrics only in production, eliminating synthetics such as polyester and nylon. We strive to create classic silhouettes and aesthetics that refuse to be trend-driven, but rather stand the test of time. Once ready, our pieces are lovingly sent to their new homes, carefully packaged in corn starch bags and compostable mailers.




Apart from utilizing the latest in environmentally sustainable practices - such as biodegradable packaging including canvas dust bags and fully-compostable corn-starch bags – we aim to implement sustainability initiatives that extend beyond the typical. You won’t find swing-tags on our garments for the same reason we don’t send printed thank-you notes – it’s one way we put our money where our mouth is and tangibly reduce our environmental footprint by not including waste items that serve little purpose and only end up being immediately disposed of. This is just one way we reflect our vision of being a label that is forward-thinking, one that only releases staples that are made to be desired and which are specifically crafted for longevity.



We definitely aren’t perfect, and certainly aren’t doing as much as we should, but we forge down a continuous avenue of learning and growing - for ourselves, for each other, and for our world. We are a work-in-progress, but are always genuinely well-intentioned. Our journey has just begun, and we warmly welcome you to join us on it.

Sustainability Goals 2022

We are striving to better ourselves every day. Below are our key sustainability goals for 2022 that are driving us to make changes today that will aid to preserve our planet for the future. 

  • Sourcing organic fabrics
  • Sea freighting bulk more frequently 
  • Completely removing plastic packaging such as stickers and tape