Working Out Your Hat Size

Here are a few tips to ensure you measure your head accurately and purchase the perfect sized hat. All you will need is a string or cloth tape measure. Remember, the goal is to measure where you would usually like to have a hat sit on your head.

Step 1 – In front of a mirror, start at the centre of your forehead. Wrap the string or tape measure around your head, approximately a finger width distance above your ears, to the most prominent point at the back of your head.
Step 2 – Note the measurement. If you are using a piece of string, measure the start and end points against a ruler.
Step 3 - We recommend measuring a few times for accuracy.

Our Hat Sizing
55 - 56cm: This is the smallest size we offer. If your head measures 53 - 54cm, we recommend using the adjustable sweatband inside the hat or adding a hat filler. These options will easily reduce the size of your hat by 1 - 2.5cm.
57 - 58cm: This is the size we recommend as an ‘average’ fit. If your head measures around 57cm, you can use the adjustable sweatband inside the hat. This will easily reduce the size of your hat and make it fit more snug. If your head measures around 58.5cm, this size should fit you well.
One Size: A few of our straw and wool hats come in one size only (57.5cm) and can easily be adjusted from the inside. For a smaller fit, simply pull the drawstring or velcro strap from the inner sweatband, or add a hat filler. You can reduce the size of the hat by 1 - 2.5cm.